We are reading through the Bible in a year as a church and answering the question,"What is going on?"! 


The Bible helps us understand the nature of God and the nature of man and will continuously help us answer the question, this year, WHAT IS GOING ON?! What is going on with mankind and how did we get here? Why is there so much division, hurt, pain, and evil in the world while there is also so much deep joy, true love, kindness, and goodness? Knowing the full story of God will bring answers to our questions and it will also show us what it means to go on. How do we move forward? Is this all there is, or can we hope for more? God’s word answers all these questions. It's our hope that after better understanding God's word we will better understand God's heart and with confidence be able to know WHAT IS GOING ON!

Engage this year with our two-part journal! This resource includes: 

  • Space to take notes on Sunday
  • Note specific areas of prayer to pray for throughout the week
  • Our three reading plan options
  • Space to note important facts about each book of the Bible
  • Space to journal thoughts as you read
  • A weekly Bible memory opportunity
  • & more!

We are requesting a $10 donation, if possible, for the journal to help with printing costs. Thank you! 


Check out our "HUB" for reading through the Bible in the year! We've included our three reading plan options, and resources to help us as we go through the Bible!