(with free housing!)

Love Jesus

This internship isn't just about learning useful tools and growing through experiences to take into future opportunities, it is about doing everything as Colossians 3:17 says - "for the glory of God"! We do this through commitment to the Church body, Sundays, and engaging in spiritual disciplines.  

Live Like Jesus

Living like Jesus is all about living in community with one another and growing together to be more like Jesus. In this internship community, interns have the opportunity to be disciples and mentored alongside one another. Interns also serve. Living like Jesus is about being salt and light, sharing our gifts and time with others. 

Make Him Known

In everything we do, we seek to make Jesus known! This might be in interactions with friends, community members, and even complete strangers but we want Jesus' name to be known and his love to be shown through all that we do - the big things and the little things. 


Here at Northwest Hills, our vision is to Love Jesus, Live like Jesus, and Make Him Known. To live like Jesus is to serve and to live in community. Though Jesus invited thousands of people to come and follow him, only a few went on that journey. Our desire is for you to join us on a nine-month journey of transformation where we walk alongside you as you strive to live like Jesus. Our path together will focus on spiritual disciplines and serving in the local church, all while you live in community with other believers. 


This internship program gives leaders the opportunity to actively explore and receive training in vocational ministry. Our hope is to prepare and send out emerging leaders to make Jesus known in a variety of contexts. Interns will be committed to 12 hours a week for nine months, receiving practical ministry training as well as Bible training throughout their service to prepare and equip them for ministry. The valuable experience and opportunities that interns receive will help shape them in their lifelong  journey to live like Jesus and make him known.



Application Process

The ideal candidate:

  • Falls in the age range of 18 - 25 years old
  • Is living a life in Christ and desiring to grow in their walk with the Lord
  • Supports our vision to Love Jesus, Live like Jesus, and Make Him Known.
  • Affirms the basic doctrines of Christian faith - See Teaching - What We Believe
  • Possesses a desire to follow leadership and lead others also
  • Maintains a teachable spirit and flexible attitude that is necessary for ministry

Applications for 2024-25 are open! Applicants are encouraged to apply early as our team will be reviewing and reaching out to applicants in 3 phases: February/March (Phase 1), May (Phase 2), and June (Phase 3).


All interested applicants are required to submit the Internship Application. A select group of applicants will be chosen for the interview process. After the interview process is complete, applicants will be notified if they have been chosen for the Internship Program.

Youth Ministry

Leading Gen Z to believe, belong, be trained, and be strong is not easy, but IS worth every second invested! The youth intern track is an energetic environment designed to help you grow in relationship and lead by serving others. We encourage and equip youth interns to work hard, play hard, and live life with students!

Worship Ministry

Through the Northwest Hills Worship Internship, you will learn what it means to truly lead God’s people in singing His praises.  You will learn how to illuminate a stage, fill a room with sound, lead volunteers, read and write music, focus a congregation’s attention toward Christ, dwell richly on His words, and articulate those words from a Sunday platform.  You will learn to be as invisible as you must be, and as present as you can be, all for the praise and glory of the King.

Pastoral Ministry

The pastoral residency is aimed at equipping people who want to go into full-time pastoral ministry.  As a resident you will get a front-row seat to see what leading a church is all about. You will develop your pastoral leadership through experiences in teaching, preaching, leading, and shepherding. An ideal candidate will either have a theological education or be in the process of earning one.

Children’s Ministry

Develop your God-given gift of ministering to children through hands-on experiences — teaching in large-group and small-group settings, discipling kids from preschool through upper-elementary, and planning outreach events like Summer Jam, Family Movie Night, etc.  In addition, learn to lead a volunteer team as you help to plan training events and fellowship events for the Children’s Ministry team. Most importantly, deepen your faith in God as you stretch yourself in service and rely on Him to work mightily through you and to guide you to the next steps in your faith-journey.

Don't just take our word for it!

Hear from past/current interns and what they have learned during their time here at NWH.

“One of the most impactful moments for me since coming into this internship was getting to share an original song with the church on a Sunday morning. Writing lyrics is a big way that I connect with and hear from God, and for the music I’ve written to be not just accepted, but encouraged and desired, brings about a wave of confidence in me and drives me to go deeper in creativity with the Father. I’m super thankful for a church family like NWH that loves me well and wants to push me forward both musically and spiritually!”

– Lexie  (2022-23)

“This experience has really shown me how important community is for my personal growth. I've learned to think and approach life in different ways; it has been a great and rewarding journey!”

– Cody  (2020-21)

“During the first months of the pandemic, I really struggled with doubting my gifts and talents. I am so thankful for how God has used this opportunity to remind me of how he is faithful and will continue to equip me for every future endeavor." 

–Jon  (2020-21)

Have any questions throughout the internship application process? Reach out to our Youth Pastor, Gary Jones, at!

Questions and Answers

Can I serve in more than one area?
Interns will have an emphasis in one ministry, but staff will assist in finding opportunities to serve elsewhere if interested.

Is this a paid internship?
No. Interns will be given free housing (see Details and Information above).

Will I be working by myself?
This internship is designed to work with other interns, in groups, and on teams.

I’m married - Am I still eligible?
No, this internship is designed for individuals, with the experience of living in the intern house.  If married, contact us if you are interested in volunteering or being a Pastoral Resident.

Can I be an intern for more than one year?
Serving consecutive terms is a possibility at your supervisor's request (must re-apply).

Do I need a vehicle?
Motor vehicles are allowed and encouraged but not a requirement.

Are pets allowed?
No pets are allowed including emotional support animals (sorry no dogs or pet dragons). 

What will I receive upon completion?
Upon satisfactory completion of the internship, you will receive a certificate and letter of recommendation.