NWH Give Campaign | November 6 - December 4

Every year, we spend the month of November focusing on giving to something outside of Northwest Hills. This year we are going both global and local. Our heart behind this focus is to zero in on ways that we can expand and encourage local ministry, here in the valley, as well as across oceans. In it all, our desire is for our efforts and our giving to be a catalyst to making Jesus known.




GOAL: $25,000

Last year, we committed to completing our giving, as a church, to the Timothy Project by 2026.

Back in 2009, the government of Uganda tried to clean up the cities and shipped many children back to their native villages. Many of these children were dropped off on doorsteps and one of those doorsteps was Dr. Val Lomilo's, a NWH Global Partner. She reached out to NWH (and other local churches) to sponsor these children, many of whom are orphans, through school. These sponsorships help pay for all their education needs. We have been supporting 200 students over the years and we are at the point where the final 46 students are finishing their education. Our goal is to see this group finish strong and enable them to be successful in God’s kingdom in Uganda! You can learn more about the Timothy Project here.


GOAL: $5,000

We know that camp impacts people’s lives. In fact, many people in our church have had transformational moments with Jesus at camp. We want to be a part of that transformation in people’s lives! Our “give local” focus will be supporting the efforts of local camp, Camp Tadmor in Lebanon. Our goal is not only to help Tadmor improve their spaces to serve kids but also to give them resources to take their ministry to the next level.




How to Give:


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