Northwest Hills desires to 'Make a Difference Everywhere' and saturate the world with servants of Jesus Christ. The Global Outreach (GO) Team is the sending, mobilizing, praying, short-term-going, supporting, encouraging, go-to team that enables our body to be making a difference everywhere. 

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  • Grahams: Year Past and Year Ahead

    An excerpt from Daniel and Rachel Graham’s December newsletter:

    2013 will be the first full calendar year that we have spent in Africa. It has been a year of ups and downs. A year of learning & growing, joy & pain, encouragement & discouragement.Overall, it has been well worth the ride – seeing more, experiencing more, and enjoying more than we could ever imagine.

    Our theme verse for 2013 was from the book of 1 Chronicles 28:10b which says, “Be strong and do the work.” I think that really describes our focus over the last year. Our goal has been to participate in community development that meets physical needs while addressing the spiritual aspect of problems at the same time.We know that you can't fix physical problems without
    addressing the underlying spiritual problems as well.

    The year has been full o
    f all kinds of activities: teaching, training, poultry vaccinations, rabies vaccinations, Bibles studies, livestock treatments, goat revolving loans, student mentorship, rabbit breeding, rabbit trainings, spays and neuters for dogs and cats, preventive care, team building, bead making, cooking classes, accounting set-up, staff meetings, wedding meetings, committee meetings, volunteer staff meetings, Skype meetings, planning meetings, debrief meetings, meetings to plan other meetings – I think you get the idea.

    This last year has been a time of refinement, for us and for our outlook on ministry. We came into the year with the idea that our focus would be on spiritually-integrated development programs, but we are going into 2014 with a slightly modified goal of discipleship with a development focus.

    To read more about their year ahead, click here.

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