Northwest Hills desires to 'Make a Difference Everywhere' and saturate the world with servants of Jesus Christ. The Global Outreach (GO) Team is the sending, mobilizing, praying, short-term-going, supporting, encouraging, go-to team that enables our body to be making a difference everywhere. 

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  • CLIDE Consultancy Agriculture Program

    The Community Livestock-Integrated Development (CLIDE) Consultancy is a nationally recognized NGO integrating the work of expatriate missionaries and Ugandan national staff in NE Uganda. The CLIDE team is led by Ugandan veterinarian Dr. Moses Otim, and includes our Northwest Hills missionaries, Waffle and Dr. Val Lomilo and Dr. Daniel and Rachel Graham.

    CLIDE Consultancy has been involved in peace and resettlement in Karamoja where cattle rustling has been a big problem for the last thirty years. The insecurity in many parts of the region has led to loss of human life, cows, and property as result of armed raiders fighting their way and those being raided trying to defend themselves. In 2007, CLIDE was able to resettle two communities of Nabwal and Nakayot. These communities are in areas which used to be pathways for cattle raiders, yet today over twenty-five thousand people live in peace there.

    CLIDE’s livelihood department has under taken an initiative to encourage the community to engage in agricultural production as an alternative way to earn a living as opposed to livestock rearing. Through the livelihood program, CLIDE has mobilized communities into farming groups for purpose of ensuring food security in the area and possibly to other locations of Karamoja.

    To more read about this agriculture initiative, click here for the full newsletter.

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