Do you have a passion to reach out those who are new to Corvallis and far from home? OSU has approximately 4,000 international students and 500 visiting scholars each year—and that doesn’t include family members who join them. Most of them will eventually return to their home countries where they will become key influencers in their fields. According to surveys, most of them will never be invited into an American’s home.

Our goal is to help internationals feel at home and welcomed in our community, to build relationships with them, and to love on them and serve them in the name of Jesus. We humbly respect all cultures, religions, and the varying spiritual appetites of individuals, but we hope that our international friends are so touched and renewed by the presence of Jesus that they would take Him home with them and desire to share Him with others.

There are many opportunities to befriend and help internationals in our community, including:

  • Be a conversation partner
  • Help with a conversation group
  • Volunteer at Talk Time*, a Friday night English conversation class
  • Participate in monthly game nights or day trips
  • Provide a holiday meal or a pre-term homestay experience in your house
  • Provide snacks or a venue for an internationals-focused Bible study or outreach
  • Pray

If you are interested in learning more, email