On Sunday, August 7 (right after church) we are gathering to celebrate the arrival of our new Associate Pastor, Ron King, and his family!

If you've missed NWH potlucks, we are bringing it back on August 7 as part of our Welcome Lunch!


The church will be supplying chicken as our main course along with drinks. We'd love for each family unit, planning to attend, to bring the following dish that associates with the first letter of your last name! 


A - F || Veggie or Fruit Side Dish


G - M || Side Dish


N - S || Dessert


T - Z || Bread/Rolls


Refrigeration space will be limited so if you are able to coordinate a way to keep chilled items cold in an ice chest during the service, that may be helpful.


You are welcome to keep your dish in your vehicle until after service or drop it off prior. If you'd like to drop off your dish, prior to service, we will have signage in the courtyard, pointing to our drop-off location. Find the area (marked with signs) that matches your dish (veggie, fruit, side dish, dessert...) and place it there. Our volunteers will take it from there!


We will also have notecards available to fill out to share what your dish is and if there are any allergy modifications. Thank you! 


Interested in helping with set up or bringing out the contributions to our picnic area? Call our front office. We'd love to have your help! 



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to info@nwhills.com.