NWH John Journal

A study companion as we go through the Gospel of John together.


Together, we are embarking on a 26-week journey through the Gospel of John. As we study, go deeper by using our John Journal, a two-part journal to take us further in our study of John. Our John Journal will be broken up into Part I (John 1- 11) and Part II (John 12-21). This journal will provide space to engage on Sunday mornings by taking notes in this personal journal, commit to spiritual disciplines each month, and throughout the week, unpack scripture deeper as we dissect a passage using the H-E-A-R Bible study method.

As a church, we pray that this 26-week series of the Gospel of John will be transformative in each of our lives and that this personal journal will take each of us to that next step of understanding and being changed by His Word.

As we study the Gospel of John together, remember to be patient. It can be easy to jump to other sources as we study the Word but as we study together, take your time and think critically about the text. Consider others that you can connect with, maybe your Community Group, to share what God is teaching you throughout this series. Learn more below about how to get the most out of this journal as we study John’s account of Jesus as a NWH family.


How to access the John Journal

Part I (John 1-11) of the John Journal can be downloaded here:

Part II (John 12-21) of the John Journal can be picked up at the NWH campus Sunday morning, throughout the week, or online by downloading it below!


NWH John Study Schedule

March 2021 - August 2021



Week 1 – John 1 and John 2 Pt. I
Week 2 – John 2 Pt. II
Week 3 – John 3
Week 4  – John 4


Week 5 – EASTER

Week 6  – John 5
Week 7 – John 6 Pt. I
Week 8 – John 6 Pt. II

Week 9  – John 7
Week 10  – John 8
Week 11 – John 8
Week 12  – John 9
Week 13 – John 10


Week 15  – John 11
Part I Reflection






Week 17 – John 12



Week 18 – John 13
Week 19  – John 14
Week 20  – John 15
Week 21  – John 16



Week 22  – John 17
Week 23 – John 18
Week 24 – John 19

Week 25 – John 20

Week 26 – John 21

Final Reflection