Melissa currently serves as a full-time missionary working alongside the local church in Asia. She trains local animal health workers and is developing a model farm currently raising goats and chickens to aid in this work and further help local individuals develop sustainable businesses with animals.

Melissa grew up at Northwest Hills and moved to Indiana after high school to attend Taylor University, where she received a degree in Biblical studies and Christian Education. Interested in working overseas, she decided to pursue practical training in animal husbandry and received a degree in veterinary technology. After working as a veterinary technician for a while, she earned a masters of business in international economic development from Eastern University in Pennsylvania.

Her passions, education and experiences led Melissa to Mongolia, where she served as a missionary for five years through Christian Veterinary Missions, training local veterinarians and herders and discipling young believers. In 2015 she was led by the Lord to another part of Asia where she continues to train and disciple alongside the local church. She travels throughout the region where she lives providing encouragement and training to places deeply in need of help and hope.