CLIDE Consultancy is a Ugandan organization (founded in 1996 and originally directed by Dr. Val Lomilo) involved in a multi-faceted approach to point people to Christ by serving local communities. CLIDE stands for Community Livestock Integrated Development. The team is composed of professionals from many walks of life, including veterinary doctors, an organic agriculturalist, an ethno-veterinary specialist, a teacher,  several community development facilitators, a spiritual coordinator, as well as administrative staff. CLIDE projects include revolving micro-loans in the form of goats and other animals, student sponsorship through the Timothy Project, health ministries, entho-veterinary research and training, and peace and reconciliation work in the historically volatile region of eastern Uganda.

Moses and Christine

Dr. Moses, a veterinarian, has served as the Director of CLIDE since he took over the position from Dr. Val who continues to serve as an advisor. Moses' wife Christine, the Education Coordinator, works with the disadvantaged youth of the Timothy Project.