2017 Brazil Team

This year's team will be gone December 7-19. Please pray for the team before and during their trip.

Requests from the team:
· That God would be at work in each of us to show His love to everyone we encounter
· To bring those who don’t know Christ the Good News that He came to save them from eternal death. That their hearts will be open.
· That our team will be an encouragement to the staff as they finish their ministry year
· Prayer for spiritual preparation and development of our team, and for unity
· For God’s protection over our travels, health, and safety

November Candy Bag Making Party

Something new that our team is doing this year is we will be hosting a candy-bag-making party! While our team is in Brazil we work hard alongside the Restoration Ministry staff to put on a wonderful Christmas party for 300 kids from the Sao Paulo slums. After these parties, as the kids are filing out, they each receive a candy bag as a special treat. Our team typically purchases the candy, bags, and ribbon and takes all these supplies to Brazil where we then assemble the bags. But, this year we are inviting everyone who is interested to join us in this fun event as we assemble the bags here at our church prior to our departure!

If you want to be a part of our team, but aren’t quite ready to fly all the way to Brazil with us, come join us for this fun event! We will meet at 10am on Saturday, November 4 in D2. So be on the lookout for all the Halloween candy sales and grab some yummy candy to contribute if you can! Please no chocolates that might melt in the heat in Brazil or Twizzlers.

Sponsor a Child for Christmas

At the Christmas parties mentioned above, each child in attendance receives a Christmas present; it is likely the ONLY gift they will receive for the year. Each child is sponsored by wealthier families in Brazil, by our team members, or other Americans. These kids are so appreciative of anything they receive and it’s really simple to sponsor them. Here are the two options:

  1. You can purchase the items yourself and our team will take the gifts when we go in December. Restoration Ministries will provide you with a child – their names, clothing and shoe size, and a simple gift idea, or
  2. You can sponsor them for $60/child and we will deliver that money to the ministry when we go and a member of Restoration Ministry will do the shopping for you! You can still request to sponsor a specific child and get their information, but the shopping and wrapping of the items will be handled in Brazil for you.

Donations the Ministry Can Use

Restoration Ministry is active and serving all year long, with the exception of a few holiday weeks they take off at the end of December and early January. There are supplies they are always in need of, but don’t have the budget to replenish. If you are out-and-about, maybe see a good sale, and want to grab some items to donate to the ministry, here are some ideas:

  • Packages of colored pencils
  • Scissors (kid-sized and adult-sized)
  • Glue (bottles or sticks)
  • Simple folders (pockets on both sides inside to hold papers)
  • Fun stickers – they love these but don’t have many of them
  • Simple prize items for Agita (VBS) – fun/simple things you might find at the Dollar Tree: small footballs, mini Frisbees, Barbies, stickers, notebooks, markers, etc.

If you have questions, please contact Kim Heede.