What Is Going On? – The Whole Story – Ezra

Josh Carstensen, Lead Pastor
December 11, 2022

Pastor Josh Carstensen continues a series called "What Is Going On?" where we read the entire Bible in a year. The book of Ezra takes place 70 years after Israel's exile. Around 50,000 Israelites return home and start rebuilding the temple, but God's presence remains missing. The people stop building for 20 years until Haggai, speaking for God, inspires them to complete the temple. But God's presence still doesn't dwell in the temple. It's a story of longing and recognizing that God no longer dwells in a physical building but in our hearts.

After the message, read the book of Ezra. Also, check out nwhills.com/hub for additional resources like book overviews, reading plans, and application questions.

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