Something To Say! – Women of the Bible – Part 9 (Mary)

Josh Carstensen, Lead Pastor
April 7, 2024

Lead Pastor Josh Carstensen concludes a series on women of the Bible. Jesus' mother, Mary, is the most famous woman in the world's history. To say Jesus radically changed her life is an understatement. While listening, there are two notable things to remember. First, Mary's life becomes much more challenging after getting pregnant, but she remains faithful from birth to beyond the cross. And second, Mary is a normal person. She isn't prettier, smarter, or tougher than average. So, she shows us that you, too, can remain faithful to Jesus no matter how challenging life gets. It's worth it.

Also, as part of the "Something To Say!" series, we'll start the message with a compilation of all the previous testimonies. We hope you find it encouraging.

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