Something To Say! – The Life of Peter – Part 8

Josh Carstensen, Lead Pastor
June 2, 2024

Lead Pastor Josh Carstensen continues a series on the life of Peter. Have you ever wondered how Christianity got started in such a hostile culture to its message? When Christianity began, people hated it so much that they killed the one leading the charge.

And not only was Jesus killed, but so were all but one of His closest followers. If that doesn't scream hostility towards your religion - what does? Yet, Christianity didn't die. Instead, it spread like wildfire amid opposition and hostility. How did this happen? Let's learn how Peter and others shared the message of Jesus and how it caught on.

Also, as part of the "Something To Say!" series, we'll start the message with someone's testimony. We hope you find it encouraging.

00:00 Welcome
01:08 Something To Say: Embracing God's Plan
05:22 Message: The Spread of Christianity
11:17 The Disciples' Struggle and Jesus' Response
20:39 Challenges in Spreading the Message of Jesus
27:16 Peter's First Sermon: Explaining the Unexplainable
34:35 Finding Fulfillment in Jesus

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