Something To Say! – The Life of Peter – Part 4

Josh Carstensen, Lead Pastor
May 5, 2024

Lead Pastor Josh Carstensen continues a series on the life of Peter. In a big moment of Peter's life, Jesus asks his disciples, "But who do you say that the Son of Man is?" Peter replies with an answer revealed by the Father in Heaven - it's a great moment. But right afterward, as Jesus shares about the difficult road ahead, Peter's reaction is... less Heavenly-inspired. It's a reminder that we don't get to pick and choose what we like about Jesus. The invitation is to follow all of Jesus.

Also, as part of the "Something To Say!" series, we'll start the message with someone's testimony. We hope you find it encouraging.

00:00 Welcome
00:58 Something To Say: A Testimony of Transformation
06:04 Diving Deeper into Peter's Life
12:34 Miracles, Doubt, and Faith: Navigating the Christian Life
16:12 The Cost of Discipleship: Jesus's Call to Peter and Us
19:45 Seeking Signs and Understanding Faith: A Scriptural Exploration
23:58 Questioning Faith and Seeking Signs
29:11 Peter's Confession and Its Significance
34:00 The Cost of Discipleship and Following Jesus

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