Something To Say! – The Life of Peter – Part 1

Josh Carstensen, Lead Pastor
April 14, 2024

Lead Pastor Josh Carstensen starts a new series on the life of Peter. Peter was one of Jesus' closest friends and one of the Bible's most relatable people. So today, Josh will give an overview of Peter's life, look at Peter's initial calling - which can be a little confusing - and show that we have much to learn from Peter's experience. We're so excited for you to start this series with us.

Also, as part of the "Something To Say!" series, we'll start the message with someone's testimony. We hope you find it encouraging.

00:00 Welcome
00:46 Something To Say: A Lesson in Compassion
05:48 Message: The Life and Lessons of Peter
10:08 Peter's Early Life and Calling by Jesus
20:38 Peter's First Encounter with Jesus
31:15 The Ultimate Question: Is Jesus God?

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