Something To Say! – The Life of David – David’s Greatest Failure

Josh Carstensen, Lead Pastor
November 26, 2023

Lead Pastor Josh Carstensen continues a series on the life of David. We all have some part of our history that we are embarrassed by, ashamed of, and maybe even haunted by. We've all done things we know we shouldn't have, and we've thought things we know we shouldn't. What do we do with those shameful memories? Do they matter? Does God see them? Does He forgive them?

As we see in the story of King David's greatest fall, God meets him in his failure, David repents, and God forgives. This Thanksgiving weekend, let's give thanks for God's generosity and forgiveness.

Also, as part of the "Something To Say!" series, we'll start the message with someone's testimony. We hope you find it encouraging.

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