Full Send – First John, Part 13 (1 John 5:13-17)

Josh Carstensen, Lead Pastor
June 19, 2022

Pastor Josh Carstensen is concluding a series on First John. In John's farewell address, he shares four big things we need to know that are rooted in the truth that Jesus is God and he loves you more than you could imagine.
1) You can know God.
2) You can talk to God anytime.
3) You can have victory over sin.
4) We can know what's true.

After the message, we invite you to participate in communion if you're a follower of Christ. There's nothing inherently special about the elements - Jesus used what was in front of him - it's what the bread and wine represent that's important. So, find something to eat and drink now, so you're ready at the end.

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