A study companion as we go through the Book of Ruth together. 


This fall, we are going to be growing together as we study the Book of Ruth over the next 10 weeks. This series launches our new ministry theme to Full Send to Make Him Known! Ruth is often assumed to be just a love story but as we unpack this book, we’ll see a significant number of themes including obedience, kindness, hope, redemption, gender roles; friendship and commitment; families; tragedy, suffering, and hardship; race; origins of scripture and the reliability of scripture; and our will and God’s will all as it pertains to making Jesus known. We will resonate with the Book of Ruth as we see a picture of how God is working behind the scenes through our own obedience and his faithful call to follow him. 


As we study this book together, this journal is going to be an incredible resource to take your understanding of this book to a deeper level. By working through this journal throughout each week and reflecting on specific passages from Ruth, we are asking the Holy Spirit to show us where we need to grow in our walk with him as we consider how we, as individuals, are called to make Jesus known. 


How to access the Ruth Journal

NWH Ruth Journal (Printable PDF) - Download Here


Other Recommended Resources Throughout This Study 

Helpful Resources While Studying Ruth 

BibleProject Videos

Ruth for You: Revealing God’s Kindness and Care by Tony Merida

The Book of Ruth (New International Commentary on the Old Testament) by Robert L. Hubbard Jr. 



Helpful Resources for Practicing Spiritual Disciplines

Celebration of Discipline by Richard F. Roster

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

The Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard