Something To Say! – The Life of Peter – Part 10

Josh Carstensen, Lead Pastor
June 16, 2024

Lead Pastor Josh Carstensen continues a series on the life of Peter and how the early church spread in a context so adamantly against Jesus. One of the ways is through our actions. When we love people the way Jesus loves people, it's a beautiful testimony that attracts people to want to know more about Jesus. But when we don't act like Jesus, it puts a stain on Christianity and kills our testimony. Today, we will look at both a good and a bad example of living like Jesus.

Also, twenty-two people were baptized last Sunday. And so, as part of our "Something To Say!" series, we'll start the message with four people sharing their testimonies and why they were baptized. We hope you find them encouraging.

00:00 Welcome
01:03 Something To Say: Celebrating Baptisms
06:53 Message: How Early Christianity Spread
09:17 Generosity in the Early Church
18:25 The Example of Barnabas
22:37 Ananias and Sapphira: A Cautionary Tale
33:32 The Role of Fear in Following God

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