Practicing Apologetics: The Christian Worldview 

Sundays at 9am : October 1 - November 5

Practicing Apologetics: The Christian Worldview – not a fairy-tale, but the true, historical story of reality

In this 6 week class, we are going to see how the Christian worldview gives us answers to our big important “why” questions and how it is the only story whose pieces all fit together. We are also going to address two of the biggest objections people have about Christianity.

If you are a person looking to strengthen your own faith and to understand the big picture of reality or are looking to help someone in their journey to find Jesus, this class is for you. 

Come and join the conversation!

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Stewarding Resources for the Kingdom 

Sunday, October 22, 6pm - 9pm 

More details coming soon!


A Taste of "Perspectives" 

Sunday, November 8 

We are very excited to be teaming up with a team to host a full Perspectives class this coming winter, here at NWH. If you are interested in getting "a taste" of what Perspectives is, this is a great class for you.

More details coming soon!



Future Classes You Can Expect This Ministry Year! 

All dates are approximate. 

Perspectives (17 Weeks, starting January 2024)

Mentoring (3 Weeks, late January) - led by Natalie Morse and James Furlo

Love & Logic (6 Weeks, end of January - early March) - led by Vickie & Steve Biornstad and Tim & Michelle Euhus

Reaching Muslims (3 Weeks, end of April - early May)