Our intention for this year is to focus on making Jesus known through our relationships and around the world.

We want to rely on the Spirit more than ever to empower us to be bold in our faith and to share the hope that the gospel brings.

Current Series

September 19 - November 21

This series launches our new ministry theme to Full Send to Make Him Known! Ruth is often assumed to be just a love story but as we unpack this book, we’ll see a significant number of themes including obedience, kindness, hope, redemption, gender roles; friendship and commitment; families; tragedy, suffering, and hardship; race; origins of scripture and the reliability of scripture; and our will and God’s will all as it pertains to making Jesus known. We will resonate with the Book of Ruth as we see a picture of how God is working behind the scenes through our own obedience and his faithful call to follow him. 

Access our supplemental study resource, the Ruth Journal, that goes along with this NWH series.