Mexico Serve Trip 

Spring 2023


NWH is heading down to Rancho Genesis during Spring Break to love orphans, help with building projects, and serve wherever needed this Spring Break, 2023! Our youth team and NWH families/individuals are now joining forces to make an impact in the lives of little niños and niñas.


A little bit about Rancho Genesis & Genesis Diez Ministries in Baja California

Rancho Genesis has been in operation for over 25 years and Pastor Ron, our Associate Pastor, has had a longtime connection and relationship with this ministry. Genesis Diez Ministries focus on providing fun and safe refuge for rescued orphans through camp at Rancho Genesis and devoting love and healing to abandoned special needs children through their Beautiful Gate Orphanage.

"Genesis takes you beyond a simple vacation or church camp experience and opens your heart to follow Jesus in loving, caring and helping Heal and bring Hope to an “orphan” Genesis provides you with More than memories, You change lives.

Rancho Genesis doesn't just put on camps for orphans, they go beyond that and get their volunteers deeply involved in the lives of each "camper". During this serve trip, each "family" will be assigned a number of orphans to "join their family" during camp time. This is an incredible opportunity to love these individual orphans, many of whom come from really heartbreaking circumstances.

If you are interested in joining the team but missed our February 5 registration cut off, please reach out to our front office (541-758-7688, 


Trip Details 

Trip Dates: Saturday, March 25 - Sunday, April 2

Location: Ranch Genesis - Baja California, Mexico

Cost: $400 per person

Due to the increased cost of flights we are now DRIVING to Mexico which has decreased the total cost of the trip. 


  • Must have a passport
  • Must be in 9th grade+ if joining the team individually
  • Must be at least 10 years of age if joining with family
  • Must participate in our four-part training series that will take place before the trip including training and preparation support.
    • Sunday, January 8
    • Sunday, January 29
    • Sunday, February 19
    • Sunday, March 12


The Flow of the Trip: 

We will now be driving down to Rancho Genesis, leaving Saturday, March 25.

The site has multiple camps. Primarily Rancho Genesis serves as a camp location for orphans. Their secondary focus is Beautiful Gate Orphanage serving special needs children. 


Each day will be filled with morning, afternoon, and evening activities. Here is a breakdown of what a typical serve day will look like:

Mornings: Mornings will consist of building projects! What projects we work on may depend on what skills we have within our Mexico serve team and what projects would benefit Rancho Genesis.

Afternoons: It's camp time! Our campers will be bused in for an afternoon of fun and relationship-building! We will host a VBS of sorts and have an opportunity to engage and love on these orphans!

Evenings: Each night, our team will have some time of worship, reflection, a devotional, and an opportunity to hang out and decompress before another day of serving! We also will take this time to write cards for our kiddos to give them the next day.


We will arrive back in Corvallis on Sunday, April 2.


STEP 1: Donate Here!


Give online via our Mexico Trip 2023 give fund. You will be prompted to enter the amount you would like to donate, followed by payment information.


If you would like to pay by check, please make it out to Northwest Hills Community Church and drop off/mail to 3300 NW Walnut Blvd. Corvallis, Oregon 97330.

STEP 2: Fill Out This Form!

Following your donation, please fill out the following form so that we can earmark your donation to the correct team member.

Mexico 2023 Donation Designation Form


Important Dates to Remember 

TRIP DATES: Saturday, March 25 - Sunday, April 2 


  • Sunday, January 29
  • Sunday, February 19
  • Sunday, March 12


Sunday, February 5: Deposit of $50 - if not completed at time of registration.

Sunday, February 26: Final, full payment due.


Thursday, February 9: No refunds following this date.


Sunday, February 26

Required Documentation: 

Release of Liability Form

Consent for Medical/Dental Treatment Form 

Genesis Diez A.C. Notary Cover Letter for Minors Form 

Northwest Hills Parental Consent For Minor to Travel in Mexico Form 


Helpful Links for Supporters:

Mexico Giving Page:

Donation Designation Form:

*Be sure that anyone helping sponsor your trip fills out the Donation Designation Form after making their donation to our Mexico Giving Page so that we know who the donation is for.

Downloadable QR Code for Support Letters:

Download Give Page QR Code Here

Download Designation Form QR Code Here


Mexico Team Member Packing List


If we haven't answered a question you have, please reach out to our office -


Is it safe? 

Every cross-cultural trip has a measure of risk but Rancho Genesis has a long history of safety for the ministry partners going down. It is located in a safe part of Mexico and it has the support of the local community.


What do I do if I'd like to go but can't afford the cost?

As part of our four-part training, we will be sharing how to write support letters to raise money to go on the trip but also to ask people to pray for you.


What if I don't know Spanish? 

Love has no language and whether or not you can speak Spanish, these kids FEEL the love that we have for them when we spend time with them, nurture them, and love them.


I can't go, but I'd like to help support someone going on the trip, what do I do? 

You can give online to the Care Fund!


I don't have a passport. How do I get one? 

We will share how to complete the passport process during one of our four training sessions taking place prior to the trip. Ready to start the process now? Here's some info to get you started.


I have kids. Are there any age requirements to join the trip? 

If a child is joining a family, we ask that they be 10 years of age.

If a child is going alone, they must be in 9th grade+ and will be paired with another NWH family during the trip.


I'm a single guy/gal. Will I be paired individually with a camper or will I be joining a family unit in caring for an orphan during camp time? 

Yes, you will be paired with a family during the trip. For example, a single college student might be paired with Pastor Ron and his wife Sue during the trip and be part of the "la familia King".


Will we have the same orphan(s) the entirety of the trip? 

Yes! The goal is that you can form a loving bond with this child during the serve trip and that happens best when continuity occurs. And if we go a second year, you would be paired with the same child(ren) a second year.


Is there a cap on the number of people who can go? 

Nope! We hope that all who desire to serve in this way are able to join the team!