Waffle and Dr. Val Lomilo

Christian Veterinary Mission


Ministry Overview

Waffle and Val work as missionaries in Uganda with the Karamojong and Teso people, together with a local Christian NGO called CLIDE Consultancy (Community Livestock Integrated Development Consultancy).  Val has been working in Uganda over 20 years, and Waffle has just joined her there in 2013. They use their skills and talents to develop relationships in these tribal communities, which then allows them opportunities to share the hope that is within them:  the good news of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Val is a veterinary missionary, which is extremely valuable to both the Teso:  a farming, cattle keeping tribe, and the Karamojong:  a warring, nomadic, pastoral tribe. They have been resistant to the Gospel for many decades, but are now just beginning to take ahold of Christ and grow in Him. As Val develops trust in the local communities through veterinary minstries, she then seeks to inspire them to spiritual growth and peace. Her work includes livestock health training, herbal veterinary medicine, livestock revolving loans, micro-enterprise development, peace villages, and outreaches to widows and orphans. She serves as advisor to the CLIDE Consultancy, which she helped form in Uganda.

Waffle loves to mentor and disciple new believers. He had an amazing ministry, Christian Adventure Ministries, before joining Val in Uganda. He will continue mentoring, but will be working with the Ugandan tribal communities now. He will be developing and advising the CLIDE team concerning their Discipleship minsitry and will help to train pastors in the Karamojong area. His first two years in the mission field will also involve a lot of language and cultural learning, as well as some construction. Waffle and Val have just recently been married after living as singles their whole lives. God has provided a wonderful bond of joy between them with great opportunities for His hands to work in and through them.

 You can still see the video of Val and Waffle's Corvallis wedding reception.