Step Out & Step Up!

As the size of this newsletter (fourteen pages!) attests, there are many excellent worship, spiritual growth, serving, and fellowship opportunities this month at Northwest Hills. All of them are worthwhile, but here are a few to especially consider.

First, God's will is that each person who has received the gift of salvation through Jesus and become His disciple be baptized as a testimony of Christ's love and as a sign that they are truly a Christ-follower. If you are a Christian but have yet to be baptized, join in to participate in our baptism service on Sunday afternoon, October 23.

Second, God intends that all followers of Jesus live out their new membership in God's family by commitment to, and active participation in, a local congregation. If Northwest Hills is your home church, take the step of committing to membership here. To begin that simple process, come have some fun and fellowship in my one-evening Discovering Church Membership class on Sunday, October, beginning at 4:30 p.m. ( If you're new to our church and not yet sure if Northwest Hills is the congregation God has for you, come to the class - without and pressure from us for you to become a member - to learn more about our congregation and ministries.)

Third, a special GO (Global Outreach) Focus in our worship services begins on October 23 with missionary veteran, missions pastor, and author, Jonathan Martin, as our special guest speaker. The following Sunday, October 30, Northwest Hills missionary Dr. Val Shean will be present to tell us about the latest exciting news of God's ministry work in Uganda. I suggest that, if possible, you alter all other previous plans in order to hear in person these two exceptional servants of God.

This autumn, while we are still at the beginning of another ministry-year, is the time to step out and step up to the activities and actions that will draw you closer to God and enable you to walk with Him in greater ways than ever before. Let's grab them and get moving!

Don't Back Down,