Springing Forward

March is the month for springing forward. Early on Sunday morning, March 11, we spring ahead into Daylight Saving Time, and on March 20 when the sun crosses the vernal equinox, the season of spring officially begins.

Here are a few ways that we’re springing forward in ministry too.

  • The buildings and grounds of our church campus are especially in need of care and rejuvenation this spring, so we’ve planned two all-family workdays this month (March 10 and 31) to begin catching up on maintenance and beautification. And to make sure that we’re making the most of these workdays we are designating project leaders and organizing teams so that we tackle our projects more efficiently and effectively in shorter amounts of time. Stop by the workday tables in the Lobby on Sundays for details and to join a team, or just show up on these Saturday mornings and check-in with the various coordinators who will connect you to a task and a team.
  • Once again we’re sending out both high school and college short-term missions teams during Spring Break (happening this year between March 23 and April 1). This has occurred at Northwest Hills every spring for over three decades, so it’s easy to take it for granted and maybe to not feel very excited about it. But remember that on each Spring Break mission we are not only accomplishing significant outreach, we are springing up the next generation of servants and servant-leaders for the ministry of Jesus Christ. That’s a tremendously impactful and far-reaching ministry that God has given to us, so let’s make sure that we once again enthusiastically support our students with plenty of prayer, financial aid, and other forms of encouragement and assistance.
  • Easter Sunday is just seven days after the end of this year’s Spring Break, April 8. Each Easter is a powerful day of spiritual renewal and, in many cases, spiritual new birth for those who attend our Easter worship services. To be able to minister well on that great celebration day requires significant preparation and hard work, so our staff and serving teams are already springing into action in order to be fully ready for this upcoming Easter Sunday. Please support us with your prayers all this month, and keep your eyes and ears open for other ways that you might contribute to another very fruitful Easter at Northwest Hills.

March is also the month that we spring into the second half of our ministry year (September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012). It’s been a very good year so far. Let’s make part two even better!