Your Spiritual Life

The Human Condition. God desires to take our flawed humanity and transform us into the whole human beings He created us to be. At Northwest Hills we believe that Growing Spiritually is a lifelong journey of being “conformed to the likeness of God” in our spirit, mind, and body; it is to be human as God created us – to exist in the image of God. To Grow Spiritually is to become a Fully Devoted Follower of Jesus Christ. 

To this end, Northwest Hills is strategically designing a process to assist people in becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We say a person is becoming fully devoted to the degree they are growing and manifesting the six priorities of the church. These are:

Witness (personal evangelism)
Sharing (fellowship/community)
Multiplication (spiritual growth/maturity)
Missions (outreach)

The process we have in place so far includes our Life Transformation Courses, our Leadership Development Courses and our Community Groups. To explore these further, please click on a link to the left and continue your journey!