Worship Music

This page offers some insight into the music used in our worship services. Our worship ranges from very energetic to quiet and reflective. We typically use a full band (vocalists, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, piano) and we offer our music as a sacrifice of praise to God. We believe that the God we worship deserves authentic, enthusiastic praise and our devoted attention through the songs we sing and the prayers we offer. We also believe He calls us to give our very best. We are called to refine our talents and use them for His glory.

The style of our music falls into the "contemporary" category, meaning that we use music that is relevant and understood among the majority of our church body and among our community. We have chosen this style of music in an effort to present a known form of communication to the newcomer as well as the regular members of our church. We seek out songs whose lyrics express thoughtful and truthful perspectives about our worship of God. We tend to use "praise choruses" infrequently and instead look for songs that dig deeper into the truths of God's character and into expressions of living a life dedicated to following Jesus Christ.