One/Many Celebration

For many years we have set apart a day each spring to celebrate the privilege and joy of serving God. This year that special day is Sunday, May 20, and, as we always do on these celebration days, we’ll thank God for giving serving gifts to each one of us, and for orchestrating our coming together in this Northwest Hills family to use our special gifts in His ministry.

Additionally this year, we’ll especially celebrate that we are one ministry, with many ministry teams. It’s the number and diversity of our teams, and the commitment of our teams to serve God together in one united ministry, that makes our church so effective in God’s work. On this special Sunday then, we’ll especially rejoice over our many teams and our one-ministry teamwork.

Everyone’s invited to the celebration, so join in to worship, to learn about serving and using our gifts, to show appreciation, to be encouraged and refreshed by God’s word and God’s family, to hear some good ministry news, and to enjoy some special fun and refreshments in the courtyard.

We’re one family and one ministry, so our celebration won’t be truly great unless you are celebrating with us. Let’s all celebrate the joy of belonging to a serving church!