Now's the Time

In November, after receiving approval from the City of Corvallis to add another building to our church campus, the Northwest Hills Elders Team posed the question, "Is now the time to build?" Here's what's happened since then.

During the final two months of 2010, the elders solicited and received input from our congregation about the need and possibilities of constructing a new multi-purpose building for our ministry. At the same time, the elders also considered again whether it might be wiser for our congregation to sell the campus we currently own and purchase another existing facility or purchase land elsewhere that might be better suited for us to build an entirely new campus. Related to that, the elders and ministry staff twice toured and extensively discussed the merits of one particular facility in the Corvallis area that is currently for sale.

In January, after much prayer, study, thought and consideration, the elders came to two conclusions. First that God is not leading us to move away from the property and facilities that our ministry presently owns and occupies. Second, that now is the time to begin, a long-term effort to both replace our older buildings and add new buildings on our property to meet our current and future ministry needs. Additionally, the elders agreed that the logical first step in this effort is to pursue construction of the new building which the city recently approved.

To ensure that our church family understand these recent decision and is included in this process, the elders will begin this month to provide additional facilities development information to our congregation. But more importantly, now is the time for united prayer about these matters, and to that end the Elders Team asks the congregation to join them in the Worship Center on Sunday evening February 27, at 6pm for a time of discussion and prayer about facilities development. All are invited to participate.

In the mean time, please feel free to contact any member of the Elders Team to talk about facilities development or any other ministry matters. But do remember to pray even before the 27th about our facilities decisions and all other ministry needs. God will lead us, if we pray!