Melissa White

Christian Veterinary Mission/ V.E.T. Net


Ministry Overview

Melissa grew up in Corvallis and moved to Indiana after high school to attend Taylor University, where she received a degree in Biblical studies and Christian education. Interested in working overseas, she decided to pursue practical training in animal husbandry and ended up receiving a degree in veterinary technology. After working as a veterinary technician for awhile she went back to school to receive a masters of business in international economic development from Eastern University in Pennsylvania. She first traveled to Mongolia for three months in the winter of 2007, where she was able to use her veterinary skills, Bible teaching skills and business training to support the work of a small Christian organization called VET Net. After working for three months she strongly felt God’s calling to return there long-term and join the VET Net team.

Melissa is currently based in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, but travels extensively to the countryside in the spring and summer to do training with veterinarians and herders. Her main work includes writing continuing education curriculum for Mongolian veterinarians, doing practical training for herders and vets in the countryside, and teaching English to university students. Her main ministry focus is discipling the young believers with whom she works, doing evangelistic work in the countryside, and helping to write Bible curriculum for home churches in the rural areas of Mongolia.

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