June Clips

  • Congratulations to Ben & Jenny Hoffman on the birth of their son, Samuel Biorn, on May 16, and to Randal & Jennifer Goodman on the birth of their daughter, Nora Elyse, On May 22.
  • At our May 22 baptism service we were blessed to hear the testimonies and witness the baptisms of Crystal Bolton, and Kaylee Dicey.
  • This winter and spring our congregation hosted the renowned global missions course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. For 16 weeks the class looked into Scripture, listened to nationally known instructors and read articles on a broad range of diverse topics from the history of culture and missions to reaching people for Christ in the digital age. Fifty-three students completed the course (including 39 from Northwest Hills) and 30 students earned course certificates. Linda Hickerson served as Course Coordinator, Denise Costello was Instructor Care Coordinator, and Jeremy Mikkelsen was Publicity Coordinator.
  • This August our congregation will again participate in the School Supplies Drive for local public school teachers. In addition to donating regular school supplies, our special focus this year will be providing Expo low odor white board markers and 1" blue painter's tape. Watch for the sales and special deals that usually start near the end of June.