July Clips

  • We welcome to Northwest Hills membership: Austin Hawkins and Lacey Thrower.
  • We celebrate the dedication of children to God by ten families in our June 12 worship services. Those dedicated are Alex Chien-Lu and Melinda Hui-Min Brown (parents Tim & Lynne), Erin Elizabeth Collier (parents Mike & Rachelle), Kaihautu Hera and Calder James Cropp (parents Derek & Anna), David Dean Euhus (parents Tim & Michelle), Nora Elyse Goodman (parents Randal & Jennifer), Savannah Jewel Mikkelsen (parents Jeremy & Carri), Samantha Anne Neumann (parents Christoph & Lisa), Bryan Axel Rhodes (parents Bob & Rachel), Lexus Helen Winn (parents Terrill & April), and Emily Ryan and Eli Finn Wisniewski (parents Mike & Loren).
  • 28 kids from Northwest Hills left on June 26 for a week of fun and spiritual growth at Camp Tadmor. They were accompanied by 6 adult volunteer counselors from our congregation: Arlene Amick, Jeff Gerig, Laura Hagen, Katie Roseboro, Caitlin Turnbull, and Eric Wright. Our middle school students will be at Camp Tadmor from July 31 to August 5.
  • Congratulations Nick & Michelle Volkert on the birth of their son Elijah Nicolaas, on June 21.
  • Northwest Hills will sponsor the School Supply Drive again starting July 31, but watch for sales happening now! Stay tuned for more information coming soon.