Inside/Outside Church

If you have been with us since the beginning of this new ministry year (starting September 1) you know that we have been giving special attention to the "inside" of our church, our Northwest Hills family. We've been learning together from Scripture about the importance of belonging to a congregation and participating in the community of Christ. And we’ve introduced new opportunities that enable most all of us to connect with others in our congregational community, most especially through our newly formed Community Groups and through our new online community connector, The Table. If you have yet to try out these new “inside” connectors, I urge you to do so soon. They are helpful to each one of us personally, and they build up the whole Christ-community here at Northwest Hills.

But while we are strengthening the "inside" of Northwest Hills, we are not forgetting that our primary mission as the community of Christ is to the "outside" of our church, to the people who are not just apart from our congregation, but also on the outside of God's family altogether. Our call from God is to go to those outsiders, showing them the love of Jesus and telling them the good news of salvation in Him, so that they have the opportunity to join the redeemed community of Christ. We remain committed to that mission which Jesus gave to us, and our intention is to be just as diligent about keeping a strong outside ministry as we are about building up our inside community.

In line with that, we’re giving extra attention to GO (Global Outreach) on two GO Focus Sundays this month, November 11 and 18. Make a plan to participate by hearing our special GO guest speaker, author and missions pastor Jonathan Martin, on the 11th. And be present both GO Sundays to worship, pray, and learn how each of us can more wisely and effectively take part in global outreach ministry. Also, join in this month to help raise up the next generation of global outreach servants by participating with our children’s ministry in Operation Christmas Child, and by financially supporting our 242 college ministry’s upcoming mission to the slums of São Paulo, Brazil. Get into GO this month as we continue to build up our “outside” ministry.

It’s a blessing to be part of an
inside/outside church. Be sure to give thanks for that in this great thanksgiving season!