Inside Northwest Hills - May

  • Worship Ministry intern, Justin Jackson (JJ), recently joined our leadership team to help coordinate and serve our volunteer worship teams. His internship is from April through September 3, 2017. Welcome and encourage JJ when you see him on Sundays!

  • Last fall, our Northwest Hills family donated school supplies to Hoover School. To continue that relationship of support, we blessed Hoover School staff with a package of special treats on a recent in-service day in mid-April. Volunteers Laurie Binney, Vicki Biornstad, Cheryl Meadows and Ginna Sloan helped gather items and package them in an attractive manner.

  • About 30 volunteers participated in a variety of projects at our two Spring Workdays, March 18 and April 1. Trees, shrubs and lawns were trimmed. Hard-to-reach litter was removed. Worn out couches were taken to the dump. Nicks and scratches on walls were touched up with paint. Outdoor signs were cleaned an polished. These volunteers helped our buildings and grounds make a good impression on our Easter guests and our church family gets to enjoy the fresh spring look as well!