Inside Northwest Hills - January

  • We welcome to Northwest Hills membership: David & Mary Beisiegel, Brittany Franco, Liliana Franco, Ken & Phyllis Laing, Mark & Amy Lotspeich, and Luke & Alayna Strickland.

  • Our Worship Center was decorated for the Christmas season by Linda Pozzesi and the Lobby and Christmas tree were decorated by a group of volunteers organized by Jolene Monte.

  • Jakki Moses organized and led the Northwest Hills’ Christmas carolers who sang both at our church and in our community in December.

  • Working with our ministry partner, Love INC, members of our church family provided and delivered 86 Christmas Giving Tree gifts to 11 families in the Corvallis area. Besides those gifts, 3 families received Christmas food boxes. Northwest Hills volunteer staff member Jack Glubrecht once again directed the Giving Tree and Food Box ministry. Twenty-three volunteers were organized by coordinators Ronda Hathaway, Chelsea Henson, Lisa Stewart, Tricia Tucker, and Laurel Wong.

  • Several changes related to the Elder Team are now effective. John Reese was confirmed and began serving as an elder on December 17. John joins Daniel Morse, Chris Soward, Donnie Carpenter and Don Snow as the current Elder Team serving Northwest Hills. Don Gannon completed his term as an elder in December, having served for two consecutive 3-year terms. Don Snow is now serving as the Chairman of the Elder Team.