Inside Northwest Hills - April

  • We welcome Jerry & Cheryl Meadows to membership in Northwest Hills Community Church.

  • Our Growth, Other’s Good, God’s Glory was the purpose of our High School Mexico Mission this Spring Break (March 22-31). Our high school students served in ministry construction projects, led Vacation Bible School for children, and participated in community “meet a need” projects. The high school team included Pearce Alexander, Heidi Archer, Malia Bauder, Caroline Buchanan, Bret Cowden, Hailey Cowden, Chandler David, Jonah Gates, Micki Gruver, Ben Izler, Josh Larson, Travis Larson, Bryce Outland, Wyndsor Peterson, Brad Shepard, Jordan Smith, Edmund Stutzman, Henry Waterhous, Kayla Witzke, and Zach Zimmers and adult leaders Brian Bauder, John Clark, Scott Cowden, Cassie Dye, James Furlo, Jessi Furlo, Randal Goodman, Steve Gress, Aaron Mock, Mary Mock, Steve Mock, Nate Ramsay, and Micah Sauter.
  • Val & Waffle, our newly married missionaries in Uganda have a new last name: Lomilo, a Karamajong name. Waffle explains: “The Karamajong have called me Lomilo because we came at the time when the winds come during harvest. This is when the wheat is thrown up into the air and the chaff is separated. So our name means the one who came when the harvest was separated from the rest. Our hopes are to find those of God and set them apart for discipleship so they may go deeper into the riches of God.”

  • Did you miss Val & Waffle’s wedding reception at Northwest Hills? You may still view the video and hear Waffle, Val, and Jonathan Martin tell amazing and humorous stories of Waffle and Val’s courtship, Ugandan wedding, and honeymoon trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Go to and click on “Waffle and Val Reception Video.”

  • Wilma Van Schelven, long-time Executive Director of our local ministry partner Love in the Name of Christ (Love INC), is retiring as of May 31. Love INC of Benton County is now accepting applications for the position of Executive Director. Those interested in this full-time position may email resumes to