Short-term Outreach
Northwest Hills Global Outreach team regularly sends out short-term outreach teams, especially to support our missionaries on the field. These trips are typically one to three weeks in length, although this may vary depending on the location and project.

Our focal area of ministry is to the Karamojong people of eastern Uganda where our missionaries, Drs. Val Shean and Moses Otim, serve. Their team (CLIDE) has a variety of ministries, including the Timothy education project for orphans and displaced children, discipleship, water resources, medical programs, agriculture programs, livestock revolving loans, and peace programs.

From time to time teams will also be sent out to support our other missionaries as the need and ministry situations dictate.

Short-term Support
Northwest Hills individuals serving on any short-term team may apply for partial funding for their ministry by submitting an application to the GO Team.

Long-term Outreach
Northwest Hills Global Outreach team is also interested in supporting Northwest Hills members who are committed to a long-term ministry within the church’s areas of ministry. Currently missionaries are supported for work in the following areas: Uganda, Thailand, Mongolia, India, West Asia, Brazil, and several locations in the United States.

Individuals interested in serving as a short-term or long-term missionary under Northwest Hills sponsorship should contact the GO Team at goteam@nwhills.com for more information.