We are one month in our new ministry year and we are so excited to see how God is moving here at Northwest Hills.  As many of you know our vision as a church is to be One Family pursuing One Passion reaching out to All People.  Made simple, we want to be a family who loves God and our neighbors and we desire to share that love with others.  As pastors and Elders we are committed to leading our family towards this vision and this year is no different.  Let me share with you where God is leading us.

You have probably already heard the word “community” buzzing around the church.  Whether you have read it in the newsletter or program, heard it from a friend, or hear it from the pulpit, we are talking a lot about community.  To be a true family who loves God and our neighbors, two things need to happen; first we need to be in community with God and second we need to be in community with others.  When these two things happen we display the love of God to the world, which is why we have been made alive in Christ! (1 Peter 2:9-10)

To spur us towards community with God and others last month we started Community Groups and this month two things are happening, we are having our first every One family Grand Slam Tailgater and we are launching The Table.

The Table is a private online extension of our church that enables us to connect to one another 24/7, not just on Sunday.   It is a platform built for prayer, serving and sharing where we can instantly connect with one another to bring our family together in unity. 

Having a hard week and need some encouragement and prayer?  Post it on the table and watch as the family responds with instant feedback and prayer.   Are you trying to finish that long overdue garage project but you are just missing that one tool?  Post a need on the table and watch as someone who attends a different service than you has what you need and will let you borrow it.  Want a place to connect with those in you Bible study, interaction group or community group?  The Table is the perfect place to share contacts, content, and calendars.  To sign up for The Table turn to page __.

Lastly as we grow and walk through this new ministry year together focusing on community remember it is only through Jesus Christ that we are one, he is the answer to our current broken community, he is the one who gives us life!