Barbecue & Building

Our Summer Sunday Barbecues begin the last Sunday of this month, June 26, and will continue every Sunday through August 21. As the 10:45am worship service wraps up each week, barbecued meat and veggie items will already be cooking on the grills by our mid-campus field, and chips and beverages will be available on nearby tables. Everyone is invited each Sunday to fill a plate full of food, find a seat at our picnic tables or on the grass, and enjoy an easy-going lunch with both new friends and long-time friends in our Northwest Hills family. The cost is still a bargain (just $2.00 per person or $5.00 per family), and the relaxation and family-time is priceless, so join in as often as you are able. You, and those eating lunch with you, will be glad you did.

Will we need to relocate our Summer Sunday Barbecues just a little further west next year? We hope so! Our goal is to start construction as soon as possible on a new multi-purpose ministry building that will be located on the west side of our current main campus buildings. For that to occur, we'll first need $75,000 in contributions to set our architect to work securing our building permits, and then we'll need to have cash or pledges-to-contribute in hand in the amount of $750,000 (half the total cost of the project) in order to give our contractor the go-ahead to begin construction. To get this project moving, our Elders Team is asking that pledge cards be returned to the church office by this June 15, and that our first contributions be given by this July 1. I, and our other Northwest Hills pastors and elders, have already turned in our pledge cards. We encourage you all to join with us. If we all contribute what we are able, we can get this job done! Let's make a great start this summer.

Be sure your summer calendars are also marked for our other great Northwest Hills summer activities, including the All-Church Beach Campout (July14-17), Student Ministries Beach Olympics (August 20), Children's Ministry High Seas Expedition Family Staycation (August 22-26), and our annual All-church Barbecue & Swim (August 28).

Let summer begin (and the rain stop for a while)!