An August Note from Pastor Curt

Dear Children’s Pastors of the World,

My name is Curt Nelson and our church just finished our VBS program, which we call Family Staycation. We had more kids than ever. We had a whopping 275 people attend our celebration dinner/magic show/balloon-animal party on the last night. Despite the great turnout, it was the easiest VBS yet for me as the leader.

So I thought I would share the great wisdom I’ve gained that allowed me to host such a successful VBS so easily. Here are the 7 simple steps I recommend you follow at your church next summer:

1.If you’re doing a VBS for about 125 kids each night, make sure you have 58 incredibly responsible adults volunteering to help you out.

2.Insist that 51 of those adults (or about 90 percent!) are returning from serving last year, so they know exactly what to do and can provide an amazing program for the kids each night with minimal instruction from you.

3.Then find a few incredibly-talented new folks to replace the people that have moved away during the last year. For example, if you need a new worship leader for VBS, just hope God lays it on the heart of a music teacher you’ve never met before and causes them to approach you in the parking lot and offer to lead worship. That worked for me this year.

4.Then get about 25 super-responsible middle school and high school students to be Crew Leaders and Team Leaders. I find it works really well if they’re the most responsible, faithful, encouraging group of teens you’ve ever worked with.

5.Find a lady who says, “Make dinner for 275 people on Friday night? No problem. I’m on it.”

6.This one may be tricky, but it’s worth a shot – hope that your wife volunteers to take a week off of work to take care of the decorations for you.

7.Finally, have even more adults and students contact you and volunteer during the week right before VBS -- so many that you struggle trying to figure out where to use them all. Trust me, this is a problem you can get used to.
Well, that’s it. Now you know the secrets and your next VBS is sure to be a breeze.

You’re Welcome,
Curt Nelson
Children’s Ministry Pastor
Northwest Hills Community Church