A November Note from Elder Daniel Morse

A lot has been happening lately at Northwest Hills! As an elder team we really can't say "thank you" enough to the entire church staff for their additional effort and spirit of willingness to work through changes. For example, Pastor Josh and elder Don Snow led 28 people through the Discovering Church Membership class in October. What a blessing it has been to work together as a leadership team as we prayerfully search for the next lead pastor that God has for us.

Since the last update on the new pastor search, elders and staff had the opportunity to meet with Dave Cetti, from the Conservative Baptist Northwest (CBNW) organization. Among other things Dave provides assistance to churches during transition, including external assessment and help with the pastoral search process. He has assisted with many transitions for CBNW churches in the region and helped us immediately in laying down a framework for moving forward.

So what is our path forward? Our basic prayerful plan is to form a search team, assist the team in developing a pastoral profile and begin the process of evaluating applicants. We have already been approached by Northwest Hills members with a humble desire to serve on the search committee. We are prayerfully considering and approaching additional members to ask if they feel led to serve on the Northwest Hills search team.

This process will take time, as the average search takes 18 months. As you no doubt have seen on Sunday morning, our staff has gone above and beyond to fill in during the transition. That also includes all of the administrative staff who are working through details of running the church. The associate pastors are in support of covering preaching responsibilities through January. Elders will be evaluating the overall Northwest Hills needs and developing a plan to bring in at least part-time transitional pastoral support to assist with preaching and caring for the Northwest Hills body as early as February.

Separately, Northwest Hills is rapidly approaching a decision date related to the Now’s The Time (NTT) multi-purpose building campaign. As a reminder, approximately 100 individuals or families have donated $180,000 towards the building project fund with a goal of $1.2M in total. A permit for building a portion of the project must be obtained by the end of 2013 or city approval to modify the Northwest Hills site master plan will lapse. Stay tuned for additional information on options that include building a covered walkway and/or entry pavilion, as well as allowing the city approval to lapse.

If you have questions or feedback about the pastoral search process, NTT or any Northwest Hills family matter, please feel free to ask in person or through email. And most importantly, we thank you for your prayers!