A May Note from Pastor Paul

I think it's awesome that there are many ways we can express our worship to God, both in our daily lives and when we come together as a church. In our worship services, we do that through singing, through prayer, and by hearing from God's Word. We also occasionally take part in communion, and giving of tithes and offerings is something we can do to worship, too.

If you haven’t heard yet, going forward, we will be including an opportunity to worship through giving and communion in our services every week. I'm also encouraged by the positive feedback I've gotten from people I've told about it, as well as the great feedback we received when this was announced at our recent all-church meeting.

While we're worshiping with songs on Sunday mornings, there will be four areas in the worship center that will have the communion elements available for you to take, and a place that you can give your offering as God leads you. Our main goal in this is to give you - the church - ample opportunity to worship through the many ways God has shown us. I'm looking forward to it! 

See you next Sunday.