A March Note from Pastor Josh

Church, welcome to March! I can’t believe that January and February have already come and gone. Looking back, we have had a fantastic first two months of 2014. We have successfully finished our Sunday preaching series through the Minor Prophets, we had a great time of worship together at Refuel, we had a church-wide prayer gathering, and we had fun in the snow playing hooky when Sunday Services were canceled.

Looking ahead to March and the rest of 2014, we have much to anticipate and we have much to be in prayer for. As I wrote in our January newsletter, this year my prayer is that we would be a church of people who find ourselves frequently seeking the Lord, both individually and corporately. We need to be constantly asking the Lord to work in ways that only he can in 2014. We need to ask God for his blessing in providing us with the right Senior Pastor to lead our church and we need to ask God that he would keep our church faithful to our passion of being One Family, pursuing One Passion, reaching out to All People.

Pressing ahead, as God has called to us with our desire to be one family, pursuing one passion, reaching all people, March is the month that we will be focusing on “all people” through our Global Outreach Focus Sundays. For the first three weeks of March we will look at both local and global evangelism. On the third Sunday, we will also have a special guest speaker—Shane Bennett from Frontiers.

During that third week we will also send off both our college and high school missions teams to Brazil and Los Angeles. I am eager to see what God is going to do through this month and through our church as we look at God’s heart for lost people. Who knows? Maybe this time next year your name will be in here as a missionary to an unreached people group!