A June Note from Pastor Rich

You will be interested to know that our daughter (RaeLynn) and our granddaughter (Delaina, her daughter) will be flying to Paris in August, just to see that wonderful French city. I was reading the other day about a psychological disorder called Paris Syndrome which occurs when tourists are overwhelmed by unmet expectations about the city’s romantic mystique. The resulting breakdown affects about a dozen people each year, with the Japanese being particularly susceptible, due in part to their extreme and pervasive image of romanticism in The City of Love. This unique malady is picturesque of how powerfully expectations can affect us. Whether it’s traveling to a foreign city or wrestling with our unique roles in life, expectations carry great sway so they must be effectively addressed and managed for the well-being of ourselves and those around us. Oh yes, I will warn RaeLynn and Delaina about unrealistic expectations as they visit Paris.

Carolyn and I did not know what to expect when we came to Northwest Hills. Every church has its own culture and personality, and we wanted to discover that for ourselves, and do it with as few expectations as possible. Allow me to tell you what we have found so far.

The people of Northwest Hills have been very hospitable. We have been in several homes for meals, have been taken out for several meals, and other people have invited us for the future. We stayed with Don and Laura Gannon for a week in March and were treated like a King and Queen. In fact, Carolyn’s sister, Carmen, came to visit last week and Vicki and Steve Biornstad even hosted her, knowing that we could not easily put another person in our RV. I can’t express how much we appreciate the warmth and hospitality of you wonderful people.

The staff of Northwest Hills has accepted me and given me respect and honor, perhaps more than I deserve. I have loved working with the people on both the Pastoral and the Support Staff of our church. I realize that I am temporary on the staff, but we are working well together and I feel at home here.

We are beginning to attend some Community Groups and are finding those to have the same delightful people we have encountered so far. These folks want to know all about us and show great interest in our lives, family, and even our hobbies.

If we had come to Northwest Hills with some expectations, you dear people would have superseded them from the first day until now. I can guarantee you that Carolyn and I will not be suffering from Northwest Hills Syndrome. Our welcome has been more than we could have expected. Thank you, and may the Lord Jesus be honored as we serve Him here together.

Serving Christ Together,
Pastor Rich