A July Note from Pastor Curt

In 2010 we threw a party to celebrate the release of the movie “Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” That party launched another voyage – one of our church families invited their daughter’s friend and she accepted Jesus as her Savior!

In 2011 our Family Staycation was “High Seas Expedition” and I called myself Captain Curt. If you listen on Sunday mornings, you’ll still hear kids calling me Captain Curt. Those are the kids who first got to know me, and our wonderful children’s ministry team, during the High Seas Expedition, and they’ve been growing at Northwest Hills ever since!

In 2012 we had a “SonSurf Beach Bash” that shared the Good News of Jesus’ love with over 100 kids each night, and many of those students were friends invited by families in our church!

I’m pointing these examples out to encourage you to invite friends to attend our 2013 “SonRise National Park” Family Staycation on July 22nd to 26th. Many families who are hesitant to attend on a Sunday morning will come to a fun event like this. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and you just might bring a whole family into a relationship with our awesome God!