A February Note from Elder Don Snow

I take this opportunity to update you and give you prayer requests in three areas that are important to our church family.

First, we are actively looking for an Interim Pastor that can help lead us through the transition to our new Senior Pastor. I believe that it is entirely possible to have that man on board by April. Our great pastoral staff has offered, and the elders have accepted the generous offer, to continue with the preaching responsibilities beyond the end of February as was originally planned. When the interim pastor comes on the scene he will be "enfolded" into the preaching schedule and subsequently preach 60 to 70 percent of the time. In this way, we will release our pastors to devote more of their time and energy to their primary areas of responsibility, AND, we will still have the benefit of hearing them open the Word to us about once a month. Please join the leadership team and pray with us that God will lead us to just the right man as our interim pastor.

The second item I want to touch on is the search for our new Senior Pastor. As you know, six members of our congregation have accepted the huge responsibility to serve on the Senior Pastor Search Team. They will meet for the second time on February 2 to select a leader. On February 4, they will meet with Dave Cetti from CBNW for two hours of training and discussion concerning the duties and responsibilities of the team. Then they will begin their work in earnest. These men and women have willingly stepped up to help in the selection of our next Senior Pastor in concert with the members of Northwest Hills. Over the next few months the search team members will give sacrificially of their time and effort to move us forward. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will give these men and women (Michael Chen, Mark Curtis, James Furlo, Barb Hoffman, Chris Soward and Rebekah Schweitzer) a special anointing with wisdom and discernment, and give to each of them a spirit of love, patience, endurance and courage as they meet and work together.

In early January we announced that our Student Ministries Pastor, Randal Goodman, has been called to a new adventure—a church plant in our sister city of Albany. The elder team fully supports this move and is excited for Pastor Randal and his wife, Jennifer, as God leads them in this new ministry. We are thankful for those of you who have affirmed this move as good for Pastor Randal and for the Kingdom of God. As it stands now, Pastor Randal will lead the youth ministry through June 2014. The elder team and Pastor Randal are working together on a plan that will provide for a smooth transition to our next youth pastor. We will keep you informed as we move forward. Please pray that we have wisdom and discernment as we work out all the details of this transition and consider ways that we might partner with the Goodmans as they move to "make a difference everywhere".

Your leadership team understands that change is difficult and transitions can be a little scary. Your pastors and elders are doing their best to make them less so. We really appreciate your patience and encouragement over the past few months and ask you to stay the course with us as God leads us forward for His glory.