A December Note from Elder Daniel Morse

A respected friend reminded me recently about 'influence'. What is influencing you in your life? What ways does God have to speak to you? Who or what has the most opportunity for influence on you today?

What an incredible gift it is that God speaks to us through His Word, the Bible. We have freedom to hear from the Holy Spirit as we read His message. We should not feel burdened as by Law but embrace a freedom to hear the Word which is the power of God to us who are being saved.

Transition can bring uncertainty but it can also represent a new start. Let us together seek God and look for ways we can transition from old habits and patterns into new life. As trees soak up water and nutrients and produce – in due time – fruit according to their influence, I pray that we have the patience and faith to trust that what God is saying to us today will begin a change that will be revealed one day when we least expect it.

Pastoral Search Process
Over the last couple weeks, the Elders have approached and met with several individuals from our congregation about serving on the Pastoral Search Committee. We are nearing the end of this stage and anticipate soon presenting a team of five individuals along with one or two Elders. This team will be presented to Northwest Hills members for confirmation through an Advisory Poll and then will begin meeting to formally define and launch the search process for our new Senior Pastor. Please be in prayer for these folks who have agreed to serve the body at Northwest Hills. Be sure and thank them for their sacrificial service when you meet them!

As we have mentioned, giving was down significantly in September and October. November has shown some positive changes but we still are well below our planned budget for the year. I would encourage you to read the recently mailed budget update letter and be open to having conversations with others in your Community Group about God's plan for how we give.

Thank you for your prayers.